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Aerospace Industry

All of our standard calibration services are available to meet demanding industry and government aviation / aerospace calibration requirements. Avionics Calibration. Flow Calibration (Liquid & Gas) Electrical Calibration. Pressure / Vacuum Calibration. Heat/Temperature/Humidity Calibration.

Energy Industry

Calibration in the utility industries. Instrumentation is used to measure energy flow within power and energy operations in order to monitor and improve operations. ... Instruments typically calibrated in power plants include transmitters, switches, gauges, transducers, frequency devices, and pulse counters.

Oil & Gas Industry

Each calibration uses a pressure source such as a hand pump, calibration manifold, volume controller or nitrogen source to create the pressure necessary to take the sequence of measurements. They use a precision test gauge or pressure calibrator as their reference.

Manufacturing Industry

In calibration, you compare a reading of an equipment with another equipment that has been calibrated and referenced to a known set of parameters. ... If the instruments are not calibrated, they will produce incorrect measurements, thus affecting the final product.

Food industry

Calibration is the process of comparing measurements taken by a test instrument against those taken by a standard device (with known accuracy). It plays an important role in quality assurance and compliance for many industries, but it is especially important for companies in the food & beverage sectors.

Chemical Industry

Calibration is the act of ensuring that a method or instrument used in measurement will produce accurate results. There are two common calibration procedures: using a working curve, and the standard-addition method. Both of these methods require one or more standards of known composition to calibrate the measurement.

Pharma and Health Industry

Qualification is defined as an action of providing that equipment or ancillary systems are properly installed, work correctly, and actually lead to the expected results. Qualification is part of validation, but the individual qualification steps alone do not constitute process validation.

Shipping Industry

To ensure accurate readings and to maintain the reliability of gas detector instruments, it’s essential that all gas detection and measurement instruments undergo a regular schedule of calibration and testing. All instruments, both fixed and portable, must be adequately checked before use.

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